Warrior Table Soccer

Does the Warrior Foosball Table rightly belong in the class of professional foosball tables or is it just the best value in the foosball market today?




They call themselves Warrior Table Soccer rather than Foosball. I wonder if this is because it gives them some difference when folks are doing searches for them, or they just wanted to be unique here in the States? The game is far more commonly referred to as table soccer overseas. Probably both?


The saying at their website is “ Warrior Table Soccer Revolutionizing the way we play Foosball forever.”1

Pretty sweet….it has a very nice ring to it!  But does it hold water?

Warrior is the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour as well. But I suppose they should be since they sponsor it!

If you decided to skip what I think and go right to Amazon for their latest price and any specials….here’s your link.

So is the Warrior a professional foosball table?

The best value foosball table for the home?

A bit of both?

Or does it suck?

Let’s take a look.






So you want to read a little more? Alright, let’s delve into the Warrior!

The company is located in Irvine, California and they only do one thing…..make Warrior Soccer Tables. Brendan Flaherty started the company in 2009. He is a former professional foosball player.

At Warrior Table Soccer they don’t make several different models or a high end and low end model. They make one foosball table. They do make custom tables but the custom parts are the graphics and player color. They also throw some LED lights on some of their tables.  Which is pretty cool looking. Here is a link to one of their videos.  They also make an 8 player custom table as well. But generally, they concentrate on being great at making their one table.

Pretty refreshing approach!

The Warrior is one of only three tables recognized by the ITSF (International Table Football Federation) for play in International Series, Master Series, and Pro Tour ITSF events.

I think this quote from their bio at the ITSF site is very informative:

“Warrior Table Soccer is an outgrowth of Warrior Custom Golf, a hugely successful custom golf club builder, based in Irvine, California, founded by professional foosball player Brendan Flaherty. Warrior Custom Golf has revolutionized the way custom golf clubs are sold, in response to a bad experience Brendan had while trying to purchase a new set of golf clubs. With so much room for improvement in the sport of table soccer, it was just a matter of time before Brendan’s love for the game influenced him to put his money where his mouth is and step up and make a difference in the future of table soccer and the foosball table industry.
Warrior set out to structure its entire program, not in the old school glass is half full approach, but with a fresh new approach, best described as the sky is the limit. Warrior’s tour is aiming to truly be worldwide, with planned events in Europe, in addition to the US Tour.”2

Here are a couple of quotes from their Facebook page:

“Mission: To produce the highest quality foosball table, which is easy to assemble, and safe for players of all ages, at an affordable price.”
“The Warrior Table was designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty-year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty and Professional Foosball Player “Cobra” Fernando DaRosa.”
“After years of research and development, an innovative Warrior Foosball Table is now being introduced to the marketplace. The Warrior Table was designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty-six-year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty to revolutionize the way we play Foosball forever. Warrior, the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour is a top caliber, durable, player-friendly table that is made for the professional player but yet affordable to the general public and perfect for youth programs.”

It is also recognized by the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) as an official table.

The Professional Foosball Tour is one of the ways they have gotten their product out there in the last eight years to a huge array of both professionals and weekend amateurs. They have done a ton of promoting running cash tournaments throughout the US. And regional championships with nice prizes.  Here’s an example of one.  Warrior foosball even sponsored the US world cup team in 2015.


They have a great range of testimonials from both Pros and fans alike.

Here is what a couple of professionals say on their website:

“I believe the new Warrior Table is the best playing table dollar for dollar ever created”3

– Dave Gummeson
Pro-Master World Champion
Hall of Fame Member

“No table ever built in history has the consistency and control this Warrior Pro table has”3

– Tony Bacon
7 time World Champion
Hall of Fame Member

And another from their Facebook page with a 5-star review
Jason H. “Best table for the price on the market today. Our Warrior gets hammered. Quality and play is right up there with tables that are four times the price”4

And one from Amazon that gave 5 stars::
Michael W. “Very heavy and sturdy table, it feels like what you’d play in a bar. Mine actually came damaged. It was shipped in 3 separate boxes, and one of them sustained damage during shipment which happened to be the table top. I took a picture and sent it to Warrior and they promptly shipped a replacement ASAP. No hassle, just great customer service! Very happy with the table, and the rail guards, especially for kids safety, are excellent!”5

Check out these pros crushing it at a tournament.


And here is a video showing the control possible….of a serious player I’m sure.

Turn down the speakers a little if you’re at work…

Wish I had those moves!!


If you like what you have read already and want to enter their drawing to win a Free Warrior Table check out their site here.


Alright, let’s take a look at what they are all bragging about.

It weighs in at about 200 pounds. A nice heavy pro weight but not quite impossible to move either.  Just gonna need some partners!

Individual 5” leg levelers with rubber bottoms to adjust to any variations in surface and give it excellent grip so it won’t move around.

Heavy duty wood composite cabinet.

The cabinet is preassembled by the factory. Very unique in the world of buying foosball tables online!! Most of the time the customer is responsible for the entire assembly. The cabinet has glued overlaps and is screwed together as well.

It has a wood playing surface.

The Warrior has 14mm (9/16th of an inch) diameter solid chrome steel rods. They are light but strong. Designed to withstand a tremendous amount of abuse but never warp. This smaller diameter of the rods translates into greater speed and ease of movement for the players while increasing the power behind your shots.

Solid robot style players colored Red and Black.  The men have a very large foot with deep hashing for extra ball control.

The handles are made of heavy duty composite material to resemble real wood.

Single goalie European style setup with sloped corners to shrink dead spots.

Counter balanced men that don’t rotate down when you’re only playing one v one or get in the way if you simply want to practice that snake shot.

The table measures in at 56 x 32 x 36 inches.

A unique rod guard safety system that basically puts a solid tube over where the rod travels so no bystanders get whacked!!


Very different rod guard system than the Garlando foosball table for example.
It can also be ordered with light brackets for a tournament style light setup.



Warrior has also created a table for the 21st Century as they put it.

New blacklight Warrior

The table specs are essentially the same.  Weight, rods, construction….it’s all there.

What they have changed though is the color of the men and for their available table light setup, you can get blacklights.


Here is their available light setup….you can put it on other table brands too and they even are making a glow in the dark ball.



Several ways you can update your existing table if you choose or get a whole setup blacklight table.

They offer individual men you can put on each rod or you buy a full set of rods with the new players already mounted.

Here is the link to the Warrior site.


PRICE versus a Tornado


The Warrior goes for a little over 700 bucks with shipping. Check out this great deal direct from Warrior.

It compares roughly to the Tornado Sport, which retails for about 1100 bucks with shipping.

Again it has a wood playing surface so be sure to use a hard ball for this table.

Here is the standard Warrior ball at Amazon.  And here is their tournament ball.


Also interesting is that they make custom tables with logos and again promote themselves with giveaways to Boys and Girls clubs and various other organizations.

A huge selling point is the speed of assembly. Warrior claims their table can be assembled in 25 minutes? Probably by two experienced installers after everything is unpacked.

Unpacking this much stuff and 3 full boxes is a bit of a challenge in itself. But their table is exceptional in how it is shipped partially assembled!!


The playing field is all set to go. Very different than almost all other foosball tables. Their rods already have their men mounted as well and the way their rods and bearings insert in the slots in the table is ingenious.

Bearings slide into spaces.










The quick assembly of this table is an absolutely superior feature.

Here is their setup video.

They warranty the table for one year included and offer a 3 year extended for $40.

They include 2 balls to get started and a maintenance kit is also included: (Nice feature with their table)

1 red man
1 black man
1 bearing wrench
1 silicone lubricant
1 Pin punch


Warrior has also put out an additional stability kit for $80 if you would like to reinforce and beef up the table for even heavier use.
It adds about 60 pounds of weight to the table and puts a second layer of support around the legs and under the main playing field. It is an easy install and the table does not have to be taken apart.  Check out the video here.

One downfall is a couple of complaints about the goal returns. Rather than a simple end goal they have put the goal return on the side with a tube that attaches to the goal. Some complaints are that the tube is a little tight and the balls can become stuck in the tube.

If you have decided you already want the Warrior, here is the link to the latest price from Amazon.


It does not Suck!!

Who is the Warrior Soccer Table for?
The Warrior is a sweet table no doubt about it. They have done an excellent job designing and implementing a very nice foosball table that can compete with the big boys at a better price. A shade under 600 bucks is a deal for this quality foosball table. The speed that this table can be assembled when ordering online is impressive. The rod guard system is also quite unique at this price level.

It is a professional table if you are going to compete in events using the Warrior…but it is a bit lighter than the Tornado.

It’s also about half the price!!!

The rod guards and price coupled with the solid manufacturing put into this table make it the best foosball table on the market for the money.
This is the table you want for your home!!!

Get the Warrior today here.

You made it to the end so I have a little special bonus for you.

Warrior has a tester special for free foosballs and handle wraps so get yours while you can!!

There are only a couple of reasons I can see spending more dough on a foosball table.

  • You have to have one of the other big name and price brands because you need to have that particular brand
  • You are going to play in tournaments with a different table
  • You want a unique look for a table to match a specific decor for example camouflage (like this Carrom) or cherry wood cabinet finish
  • You are looking for a specific kind like an outdoor foosball table


Other than that go to Warrior and get your table…and let me know how you think it plays!!


If you are interested they actually have an 8 person fluorescent table and are looking for dealers that rent party equipment.

Check it out here.

Interesting if nothing else right?

Warrior Force 8 Life of the Party

Warrior’s Newest “Force 8” LED 8 Player FOOSBALL

Table is taking the nation by storm.

Making Your Life a little brighter!

Picture does not do this table justice <CLICK HERE> to see Video!


It’s Official!

Our custom 8 player LED table is the “Life of The Party!

Brand New on the market, Leading event specialists find customers Love it and want more.

The link below is a map of party rental companys that rent our 8 player LED Tables to their customers. It is an item in big demand. You will notice that as of right now we don’t have a dealer in your area. Our current dealers are making money “Hand over Fist” and because of the ease of setup and breakdown the minimal support staff required you are  able to hang on to the Lions Share.

We are ramping up for unbelievable demand in the second half of 2017 and are reaching out to a select few companies with an opportunity to become the newest success story for the Warrior Force 8 Foosball Table.

CALL NOW 800-416-4560

Get a jump on the competition!

8 player LED Foosball Table



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Thanks to Warrior for the images

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