Tom Clancy Novel?

A new Tom Clancy novel?

No, since the great author left us in back in October of 2013.

But since I recently finished the Full Force and Effect by Mark Greaney that continues the Jack Ryan tradition from Tom Clancy, I thought I would share my thoughts on it.


It joins almost all of the other Tom Clancy novels on my shelves in the man cave.

The only ones I don’t have represented there probably got loaned to a friend and not returned or were on loan from my brother back in the 90’s.  I am quite a book horse….new shelves always needed.  I still haven’t been able to unpack all of my books from our move a couple years ago!!

I wonder if there is a complete collection available?

Well, I’m not sure if there is any COMPLETE set but here is a set of the first 3 Jack Ryan novels at Amazon….and here is a 12 volume set with options between paperback, hardcover, used and even new!!  Now that would fill out the shelves sweetly right?


Nevertheless back to Full Force and Effect.


Here is the Amazon link if you wanted to pick it up.


I thought it was a bit newer but looking into the copyright date to write this review I found it was actually written in 2014.  Of course, it was a gift from my previously mentioned brother that shares my passion for Clancy.   Funny but we don’t usually buy the hardcovers except for each other.  One Christmas we actually got each other the same novel.

Onward now I promise.

So I read these a little out of order….not sure if I misplaced it and then read Commander in Chief first?  But anyway that’s how it went.


I actually enjoyed this novel more.

Maybe just a tad more conceivable?

This deals mainly with The Campus characters again.  Similar to the latest offerings from Clancy before he passed and coauthored with Greaney.

Jack Ryan is POTUS and the other main actors have left direct government employ to work for a pseudo-government clandestine network that is smaller and tighter but still directed roughly by the CIA Director.

Back are old favorites, John Clark, and Ding Chavez, with the younger members Dom Caruso, Sam Driscoll and Jack Ryan Jr.

Love these guys.  It’s like I’ve known them for years.  Greaney writes them well…..even as they age.

What pulled me into this particular story is the plot with North Korea….maybe because they are continually in the headlines?  But I found it typical of a great Clancy plot.  Plausible enough to think that it could be nonfiction from the headlines.  He did some serious research into the North Korean culture….impressive.

I enjoyed how Greaney pulls the reader into a tense scene in present-day Vietnam and inside a tangential character and his soul-searching while we see that some of the Campus team is on a surveillance mission of him.  Things escalate quickly and a refusal to exchange forged documents quickly turns into a chase, murder and narrow escape from someone…..later to find it was North Korean intelligence officers.

He does a nice job after setting the hook to bringing us up to date on the story in typical Clancy fashion.  The reader is put inside the mind and motivation of the North Koreans that will be the adversaries in Full Force.

Fascinating stuff to recreate their cult of personality around their Dear Leader….or maybe frightening?!

It feels like he did some really great research into their culture and brings the bad guys to life.   An engineer tasked with extracting valuable mineral deposits teamed with the general required to build the bomb to threaten the Americans.

Although they are sort of destined to be bad guys due to their cultural upbringing, he makes them sympathetic almost normal family guys warped by their lives.  Freaky.  Excellent writing!!


The Campus team is pulled around the world trying to put the pieces together.  Close calls.  Almost rescues.  Fake passports and insertions.  Gun battles.  Attempting to build an ICBM.  Terrorist IED builder.  Presidential assassination.  The official CIA operative in country.  Rogue ex CIA information networks and operatives.

It has it all.

Very much a page-turner.

I think one of the things that I liked better about this novel versus Commander is that more of the action is first person and small team rather than combat units.  Maybe Clancy would have done a better job than Greaney with that stuff….some of his earlier books were simply astounding at that!!  But this novel does a great job bringing life to the characters and circumstances involved.


Overall, I think it’s pretty obvious I enjoyed Full Force and Effect.  If you are interested in grabbing a copy at Amazon here is your link.


One more cool thing I found while doing some browsing were some first edition hardcovers of a couple of Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels at Amazon.


Those would be sweet on the shelves!!


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