Sportcraft 48″ Playmaker

SC playmaker

While not really appropriate for the high-end man cave, the 48” Playmaker Foosball may be a neat little table to introduce some foosball into the house.

Whether this is the starter entertainment piece for your man cave or just the way to get the kids off those tablets and phones, this may be the attraction you need.   
It is light but it still offers some fun foosball or might be a good beginner’s table for your little guys.

See it the Sportcraft Playmaker here at Amazon.



The Playmaker’s compact size allows it to fit in spaces a full-size table wouldn’t. It weighs in at only 36 pounds. The full measurements are 48″ long x 25.625″ wide x 32″ tall. This puts it about a foot shorter in both length and width and 4” shorter in height than most foosball tables.

The table has numbered scorekeeper sliders above the goalies.


The ball returns are centered on each end.

It has the three-man goalie set up.

Soft rubber grip handles are nice for smaller hands.

Hollow chrome plated steel rods that are full length. Set screws tighten players to the rods.

The cabinet playfield is shallow. It is made from particle board. It has a soccer style green field.

The L-shape legs are made of the same material as the cabinet and they have leg levelers to minimize any dead spots in the playing field.

The players are designed to mimic the player design of high-end tables so that skills learned here will translate to a better table.

Comes with 4 balls to get started.


Who’s it good for:

The Playmaker is a smaller entry level table. The price point is around $200 so it is pretty easy to get into to see if it makes sense for a big investment in a high-end table. The small dimensions and light weight also make it very effective if you have tight space requirements or young ones you are trying to introduce to foosball rather than spending all their time on those handheld electronics.

The table is designed specifically for starter players. From the shortened dimensions to the rubber grip handles. The leg levelers combined with the three-man goalie set up do a fair job of creating a good surface and speedy game.

Beginner players will have a much easier time learning ball control and shooting skills versus a larger table. The jump from back to front players in single player games will be simple to master with this compact table versus a full size one. The player design will help hone the skills of entry-level players for when they are ready to make the jump up in class.


If you’re interested in picking one up for your young foosballer get it here now at Amazon with any available discounts.

Who’s it not for:

That low price point looks appealing because this is a low-end table. It is the next step up from a novelty toy kind of table like this Minigols.  The design is light and the weight reflects that. It plays pretty fast because of the small area but I wouldn’t expect this table to last very long for moderate to heavy play for adults.

The light weight probably will translate into easy movement and quick warping of the rods and equipment by adults playing hard. Don’t expect this to last for too many heavy games in your man cave.  If you are looking for the next step up then this DMI might be the way to go?

Last word:

The Sportcraft Playmaker name says it all.

It is a light, compact foosball table designed to train playmakers. Nice little inexpensive real table to get someone started playing foosball. The small quick field on this slightly shorter table will really hook youngsters into the game. (Real hand-eye coordination versus the iPad?)


Don’t expect it to hold up to too much abuse if the kids are a little bit older or if their older cousins or uncles play it too much, though.
This is certainly no tournament foosball table but it might not be a bad table to dip your toes in the water to see if some foosball action is right for the game section of your man cave.


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