Silly sweater party? Holiday get together? 5 ways to stand out from the crowd!!

Looking for something a little extra special for that holiday party?

Here are 5 ways to be SEEN.


1. Be the light of the party with any of these sweaters.

Be the star of the Christmas tree or the light in the wreath.

Or just various holiday images all lumped together.  With flashing lights…..Classy!!!

Here are several different designs that are pretty basic holiday patterns except for the fact they have lights in them.

Any of these light up sweaters will be the talk of your party or get together.

They get a fair 3.6 stars at Amazon with lots of reviews.

The lights are battery powered and the wires run inside of the garment so be sure to wear something underneath and be very careful taking it on and off!!  Several folks actually duct taped the wires down and that seemed work pretty well.

It is not too pricey (they vary from 30 to 40 bucks) so don’t expect too many wears from it but with a little TLC, it might make a couple parties for a year or two?

Not machine washable so don’t drip the bleu cheese on it either.

2. Not ready to go all the way with the light up sweater?  Then add a necklace of Christmas lights!!

Check out these little guys from Windy City Novelties.


They have six different flashing modes as well as simply steady on.  Vary from Fox Trot (!!) to Fast Strobe and two pulse patterns.  You might have to wear a set of blinders!!

Big 2.5 inch plastic bulbs and the necklace is 34 inches long.

Pretty inexpensive and multipacks available to share with all.

4 Stars at Amazon and over 1200 reviews.

Winner for me. Pretty sweet little item to add some bling for the Holidays

Get your lit necklace here at Amazon.


3.  Jingle Bros!?

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

Don’t you forget it.

How about this Jingle Bros crewneck?

Well, it will get some real laughs and some uncomfortable ones too. (My mother in law would hate it….oh yeah that’s why I have facial hair…)

It gets 4.4 stars at Amazon and has 37 reviews, so it seems to be of pretty decent quality.

Check out the Jingle Bros sweatshirt from Amazon here.


5)  Who needs a shirt anyway?

Here is another interesting holiday shirt that is not a shirt…what?!

If you can’t bear the cold or are just a little paler than this?  You mean you don’t have Santa and Christmas trees tattooed on that hairy chest? Nipples not pierced with ornaments?  How about this?

Maybe I am just too easy to entertain but the print on this bad boy is pretty detailed.  Good stuff!

Even comes with the back hair and nutcracker on the tricep.

Gets a decent 4 stars and has 130 reviews.

The company also offers a bunch of other unique Christmas prints.

Check out the bare chest sweatshirt print at Amazon here.


Hope these made you smile.

Merry Christmas!!!


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