Seven ways to convince the boss your break room needs a foosball table


Ever feel like your boss just might have your head?

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Work is finally refurbishing your lunch room!!  Thank goodness!!

 You can see that there is plenty of seating space even when everyone possible is at lunch.  You love foosball….playing at the frat house at school was excellent and you see a great space for one in the corner by the soda machine?   



Need some ideas to help convince “the Man” a foosball table is a great idea?


Here are seven:

  • A five-minute foosball game can give you a quick mental reset.  The concentration involved takes the mind off of what you were doing.  Playing an intense game is a lot like meditation.  Nothing matters but the next goal, block or pass!  You will come back to work with a full reset and no extensive stretching like yoga is involved.  Here is an example of one job post listing its office foosball table as a perk.


  • Build teamwork!  Working with other people in a non-work way can help build teamwork.  Team building field trips to ropes courses and things like that are great but can be very expensive and time-consuming.  Putting a foosball table in the break room can be a little of an investment but you can get some of the people to compete together in an activity besides work while they are still there.  And they can even compete against each other to blow off a little steam.


  • It’s fun dammit.  Work is work that but a little time out can reinvigorate your peeps!  Fun is infectious.  You can even organize a little tournament over time to pit departments versus each other?


  • Change your work environment a little…I recently had a friend tell me that he is convinced work pays you to be sad.  He said “think about it, when are you happiest at work?  Going to lunch and going home!!  They are paying me to be sad!”  So shake it up….in addition to the new Keurig, show the guys in the plant the dedication you as an employer hope they have to you.  Foosball table!  Change the meme from sad to happy!  Make the office resemble a little of Hollywood.


  • Competition.  I will bet that some of your best employees want to compete, win, even learn from losses.  Work can get pretty stale sometimes so get those competitive juices flowing again for your people.   Some competition within the workplace without it being work can help morale.


  • Show the employees that you and the company care about them besides just what they do for you at work.  Demonstrate that you are a human as well, not just ‘the Boss.’  Play in a little afternoon tournament with them.  Against them.  Competition with the leader sharpens the wit and focus.  Every team pitches in a few bucks and half the pot goes to the winners and half to a charity?  A win for everyone for involved.


  • We all know the health benefits of just moving around.  Here is an extra way to get the people at work a little more active?  While foosball is not jogging (thank goodness!). The game requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and intense concentration.  It gets you up on your feet away from a desk and increases the blood pressure and works those eye muscles that get so tired of looking at a computer screen the rest of the day.  Sitting is the new smoking (I’m not quite sure about that but…), so encouraging people to get up from the desk and move around is not just good mentally but also can lead to lowered workers comp losses.  Check this article about New Era Cap for some specific examples.  


So there you have it.  Here are a few examples of some over the top workplaces, some with foosball tables and some with even crazier stuff.  See if you can convince ‘the man’ if he will get a foosball table for the break room?  Here are some top notch ones if you are interested.  And this Warrior is probably the best value out there.

And if your workplace has an outdoor space for lunch take a look at these outdoor foosball tables.


Let us know how it goes?

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