Choosing an outdoor foosball table? Ultimate Buyers Guide 2017!

So you’re thinking about an outdoor foosball table?

Need a quick comparison of themes, features, and prices?   Here it is.



Here is the tale of the tape of seven of the best:


The Kettler Cavalier


Kettler is a German company that has been making foosball tables since the 1940’s

This table is made in Italy.

Absolutely weatherproof is the claim from the manufacturer.  This table is made from high-quality laminates and weatherproof resins.  It has a pretty square look to it.  The ends of the cabinet are covered by pieces of plastic sloped to drain the water off on top and the scorekeepers are countersunk in them.  The scorekeepers are not numbered.  The hardware that holds the table together is all pulled nice and tight to the cabinet.  Very little surface area for the weather to attack.  The ball returns are on the ends and slightly offset from the center.  This keeps all but the most terrific shots from popping out.


The playing surface is glass.  

Very Fast!!


The playing rods are rust resistant chromium plated steel.  Make sure to use plenty of silicon or the rust proof coat will wear off over time.   They are telescopic so no spectator worries.   They have enclosed nylon bushings.  Very smooth.  The players are molded to the rods.  The handles are ergonomic but maybe just a little undersized for a large adult hand size?  But no slippage here.  The legs are steel and slightly set back at an angle with a cross piece for added stability. They include levelers.

The Kettler comes with a cover and five balls to get started.

The 3-year warranty is the best of the bunch here.

This table weighs in at 132 pounds and measures  58″ x 46.”


This table is quick.  It has the single goalie European setup.  Sloped corners and edges keep the ball in play.  Sweet look with the green playing field.  The heavy duty players are solid gray and blue.  Would have looked supreme if they were painted but they will keep their clean look much longer outside.  The glass surface and heavy duty players combined with the nylon bushings, thick rods, and grippy handles translate to excellent play.  Check out my full review of the Kettler Cavalier here.


If you want to check out the latest price from Amazon with any discounts click here.



The Playcraft Extera


This table has a different look than the others here.  It looks like a tank, big heavy and straight lines.

Again it boasts an all weatherproof design. This one utilizes composite materials though and UV protective coating.  The cabinet walls are 1 1/2 inches thick. There is no exposed hardware on the outside.   The scorekeepers are numbered and directly on top of the cabinet.  The ball retrievers are also straight back from the goal.  So a few shots might rattle out.  

It has big, heavy straight 5 inch legs with crosspieces for stability.  Just looking at this baby makes you feel stable.  The levelers provided are also very big, 6 inches in diameter.  The playing surface is laminate. The nice, deep blue field makes the players stand out.


These players are screwed to the rods.  The rods are made of aluminum.  Rather than a human soccer player they resemble chess set pieces,  They are colored black and white.  The players are counterweighted.  It also has a nice good size handle with an ergonomic design to prevent slippage.


Full-length rods here, no telescoping so this table needs just a bit more room to play.


This table also includes a cover and comes with four balls.

It is heavy 225 pounds.

Doesn’t play quite as fast as the Kettler but still a nice heavy table.  It plays very solidly.  This table is set up in the American design with a 3 man goalie rod and flat corners.  Durability should not be an issue.

It measures in at 56″ x 36.”




The RS#3 Wood Barcelona Indoor Outdoor


This table has a unique look to it, quite different from the other tables on this list.  It has rounded angular ends with a more elegant feel.  Deep color, real wood handles, and legs give it a rich almost relaxed appearance.

The cabinet is a little bit shorter and made of one piece of stainless steel.  It boasts a cataphoresis coating process to weatherproof it.  The playing surface is a laminate substance like Formica.  The cabinet can be either gray or black and the teams are customizable as well.  The players are painted. They can be ordered with different color skin, jerseys or sex.  

The rods are stainless steel and full length.  The handles are made from iroko wood that matches the legs.  The legs are angled to each end and are heavy duty with double crosspieces and levelers on each.

The ball returns are on the side and scorekeepers inset in the cabinet on each end.

The Barcelona has a one-man goalie setup.  

This table has a peculiar feel to it as well.  Less like an arcade foosball table and more like a high-end billiard table.  The steel cabinet has a hollow core that makes a different sound to it than the other more typical foosball tables on this list.

It plays very nicely.  The wood handles and the players are excellent.

This table has a one year warranty.  

It has an almost Spanish veranda feel and look to it.

Comes with a cover, five standard balls, and two cork silent balls.

It measures in at 59-1/2″ x 30-1/2″ and weighs 150 pounds.

This is the most expensive of the group but also is the most unique looking of the bunch.

It is also available in three colors.  Black, white, and Inox.

Here is the link to the Barcelona foosball table at Amazon.


The Park & Sun Blue Sky Beachwood


The Park & Sun cabinet and playing field are made from UV resistant PVC compounds. It is 11 inches deep and the sides are 3/4 of an inch thick.  This table features solid carbon fiber full-length rods.  The rods have rubber bumpers on the ends.  They also have polyethylene bearings.  

The field is blue plastic with painted players that are screwed on the rods.  It has sloped corners and edges with one man goalie setup.

The scorekeepers are inside the cabinet above the goalies.


The aluminum L-shape legs go to the top of the cabinet on the outside to provide stability and the hardware is exposed on the outside.  This table has levelers on one set of legs and wheels on the other for easy mobility.  Making it relatively easy to move around with one person.


This table is lighter than the others on our list.  It is a decent table but the materials used in the construction are lighter and less expensive than the other tables.  


This is also the most inexpensive of the models.

This the lightest of these tables at just 70 pounds and measures 53″x 30.”

It has a 30-day warranty and is made in the USA.


The Rene Pierre Tahiti


This unique Rene Pierre design has a completely rounded cabinet. The light colored unit looks like it belongs in the tropics near a poolside bar. It has a very attractive sloping design with legs that almost grow out of the table. This table is constructed with high-grade composite materials that are thick, heavy and UV resistant.  The playing field has a light color.  The players are hand painted, molded to the rods and screwed tight.  


The rods are telescoping rust proof steel with plastic handles.

The ball returns are on the sides and the score keepers are above the goalies.

The legs are very thick just like the cabinet and of a matching color.  They have two heavy crosspieces of the same composite material.  The stainless steel hardware is flush mount on the outside.


The legs do not have levelers, though.

This unit does not include a cover but it comes assembled!!  No worrying about fastening the rods to the field here!

This heavy table has stainless steel rods with plastic handles that give plenty of grip.  The composite cabinet and field construction give a nice feel to this table and make for a live game.   

Measures in at  60 inches x 41 inches.

The weight is 155 pounds.

Made in France.




The Garlando G 500


This table has a deep boxy looking cabinet.  Comes in either blue or granite color.  The cabinet is made of 1 and 1/4 inch thick marine plywood and the playing field is made of laminate.  The cabinet is secured with waterproof glue and the hardware sealed with an anti-rust compound.  The rods are telescoping steel with a chromium plating to prevent corrosion.  The players are molded directly and permanently to the rods.  They are light colored to match.  The bearings are stainless steel for an easy turn.  The ball returns are slightly offset on each end.  The scorekeepers are on top of the cabinet behind the goalies. It has a single goalie setup.  


This table plays well.  The rods turn smooth and easy.   The field is fast and true for a table in this price range with sloped corners and sides.


See the full review here.


This table is made in Italy.  It has heavy square legs set in the inside of the cabinet for stability and has 4-inch levelers.


It weighs in at 150 pounds, and measures 56″ x 30.”

The cover is included.

It comes with a one year warranty.



The Garlando G2000 has a little bit different line to it than the G500.


It has a more rounded cabinet and the legs are offset back at a bit of an angle, with a heavy cross piece near the cabinet.  The legs are angled back for even greater stability.  It has a sharp blue and white design.

The levelers on the legs are smaller.

The cabinet construction features are the same, though.  It is built with marine quality plywood, laminate playing field,  and anti-rust coatings.  The rods are the same with telescoping action to protect passerby and molded unbreakable players.  Single goalie style setup.  A very closely related brother to the G500.


The main difference is the look of the tables.  The play action is nearly the same due to the utilization of the same rods and basic materials.  Also made in Italy.


The cover and 10 balls are included.

The dimensions are  56.3″ x 30″ and it weighs in a little heavier at 165 pounds.






So we have looked at these tables a little bit, how do we rate them?


For the best play?


All of these outdoor foosball tables play well!!

They are each made with special components to help them withstand the elements outside.  Some sealed better, some a bit less so.

The drop off between numbers 1 and 5 is minimal.  The Park & Sun is a little bit behind the others only because it is made with more inexpensive materials, but the price is half of the others as well.  And with its wheels and lighter weight is far more mobile.

Here is my list with the links to Amazon if you want to see the latest price and any applicable specials.

#1 tie between Kettler Cavalier and Rene Pierre Tahiti

#2 Garlando G2000

#3 Playcraft Extera

#4 Garlando G500

#5 RS Barcelona

#6 Park & Sun Blue Sky


For the best value?


This is the hard one of course.  Each table has immense value to it.

The real defining factor for each consumer has as much to do with the space it is going in, as the “value” we can put on it.  I don’t think you can “wrong” with any of these tables.

These tables are all great in their own way and I am not trying to sound like a cheesy football announcer who thinks every player is great.

Each table has its own style that will have to match the space you are looking for.

Answer these questions first and then you will know which table to choose.


What decorating style do I need to match?

How harsh is the weather in this space?

Who is going to be playing it and how much?

And how much to spend?


Here are a couple quick examples.


If you want to match a dark wood covered bar by a pool go and your budget is around a grand go with the Garlando G500 in granite.  The finish will work well with the wood and the table is great.


If you have a new pool that you want something nearby for the kids to play but the budget is getting a little tight go with the Park & Sun.  If the budget allows for more and you want to play some more serious foos then go with the Playcraft, it will probably last as long as the pool!


If you have an outdoor bar with a Caribbean feel go with the Rene Pierre Tahiti, it will be epic.


If you are looking for a decoration piece with the serious wow factor to complement the feel of your new veranda go with the Barcelona.


Overall, these tables are all very good.  The play on the top six tables is so close that you can’t make a bad choice.  The Park & Sun is not as good but is way less money.   It also is much easier to move around then any of the others if that is the priority for you.  Remember with these outdoor tables they are just like a boat.  They need some TLC to keep playing well.  All of these foosball tables are weatherproof but eventually, they need a little extra care.


Match them up with your theme and you can’t go wrong!!



Thank you to the manufacturers for the images.

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Lauren - August 5, 2016 Reply

I love that the field is made of glass. It sounds more challenging but also a lot more fun once you get better at it!

Carl - August 6, 2016 Reply

i haven’t played on one of these since i was a child, i will consider getting one to put out the back of the house. The Kettler Cavalier has got my interest, with the glass top and all, it creates a fast action play.

Ingrid - August 6, 2016 Reply

Thanks I enjoyed your article your blog has really helped me to understand further which table will suit best. The information on the lighter construction tables, really helped me in making my decision process, I want a game that will last on the veranda and I like the idea of light as well so I can move it if I need to.

Dawn - August 6, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the reviews – I have really harsh weather – and strangely the 3 year warranty is seeming important to me, when it wouldn’t for most purchases – but considering this is outside all the time …

George - August 7, 2016 Reply

Very nice! We have a large deck and like to entertain outdoors. One of these outdoor foosball tables could be a big hit. Thanks!

Quinn - August 8, 2016 Reply

This is great information, thank you. I’m wondering which table would be best for our very humid summers and moderate winters.

alex - August 8, 2016 Reply

Thank you for the article, I am really liking the barcelona table it sounds like a good table and also the name of the city where i was born haha!


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Paul Petersen - June 19, 2017 Reply

Most importantly, don’t just arrive at a store and pick out whichever table catches your eye first. There are major concerns that need considerable attention when looking for a foosball table.

Fuzzball - August 28, 2019 Reply

Nice review; My personal pick is either the Kettler or the Playkraft,
I haven’t used the Park & Sun table, but at 70lbs it may be too light for me and big friends. We are pretty rough players lol.

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