Minigols Foosball Table

Love Foosball and Soccer….want to combine the two?  More importantly, do your kids?  Or do you just like soccer and collectibles?


Say hello to my little friend ….Minigols!




A compact foosball table with figures of your favorite soccer players!!


Welcome to Minigols.








Here is a link to their Barcelona table and team set at Amazon:

What in the world are Minigols you say?


Foosball?  Board game?  Table game?


Probably a combo of all three is more accurate.  They are compact portable little foosball tables.

The legs can be removed to convert to a tabletop game and they are designed mainly to be played by kids age 10 or so.    (or possibly mid-forties and 16-year-old kids?)

GOOOOAALLL!!!! (whoops that’s a little later)


A little bit of backstory:

The Minigols compact foosball table is one of the products distributed by About Time Inc.  They are based in Laredo, Texas.  They have been around since 1991.  Most of that time they have concentrated on Video Game distribution in Latin America.  They have a couple other products they distribute in the States.  Kaomoji balms and Rockemz.  The Kaomoji are lip balms and assorted products in emoji containers and Rock’emz are a desktop collectible in your favorite team’s uniforms. Kind of the opposite of a bobblehead.  Squeezable but on a wide base like the old weeble wobbles.  But we aren’t here to discuss those yet…


On to the tables:


The Minigols foosball tables are small.  Measuring in at just 33.5” x 16.4” x 25.4” (L x W x H).  A little bit more than half the size of a real table like the Tornado or Warrior.  The limited height means you are playing on your knees to play with the kids….or they make it pretty easy to take the legs off and turn it into a tabletop game.  


It weighs in at 20 pounds.  The legs and cabinet are made with composite board.  The rods are light and hollow.  The legs have a stabilizer between them and they have little feet on the bottom to level it a bit.  They have full-length rods so make sure your little ones keep their hands on their grips so they don’t get whacked.  There are rubber grips on the handles.

It has an interesting setup for the men that translates more to real football than foosball.  One goalie, four defense, three mid and three attackers.  It is kind of cool to attempt to get a full side on the pitch but on this compact table, it gets a little crowded!!   But with the Minigols foosball tables, you can put the players anywhere on the rods and customize where they play or how many are on the field.  They snap firmly on and off.


Players are molded and painted to look like their real-life counterparts and come with individual stands for display.


Each player has a removable back for attaching anywhere on specially-designed rods for custom formations and game strategy


The players are 3.4 inches tall with individual stand and name.  Check out the detail work…some of these guys actually might need a shave.



Each team comes with a podium, display sticker, and backdrop for full team display….just like they popped the champagne after a Euro Championship!  (Well maybe in your mind’s eye?)

Variations?!  Yup!

Different stadiums for each team?!  Yup?!  Well pretty much….

The Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United sets have custom sticker sets on their tables that reflect their home stadiums.  The other tables come with custom deco for the table but are more generic than a specific stadium….usually their national or league logos…or the LA Galaxy MLS champion logo from 2014.



Minigols has licenses for these tables and teams right now: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Seattle Sounders, Los Angeles Galaxy, the German National Team, Spanish National Team, Argentina National Team, Mexican National Team, and the Colombian National Team.

I hope there are more coming…be sweet to have a US National Team….maybe Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal or Bayern Munich too?

How about playing a Champions League game at Old Trafford against Real Madrid?  Rooney versus his old teammate Ronaldo?  Or the Spanish national team v Argentina?  Messi v Ramos?  Chicharito and Mexico v Germany?  Well with the Minigols now you can!


GOOOOAALLL!!!!  Soccer….football….foosball?


I don’t care what you call the beautiful game these little guys get the imagination fired up.


The team player sets get a solid rating from customers at Amazon.  The detail is amazing….check out the mustache on David De Gea of Man U.


And so do the tables.  Not too bad for a light 20-pound table.


Here are a couple of them at Amazon:

When the kids outgrow this little table take them up a notch or up a few to the top notch foosball tables here or here.


Here are some testimonials from the Minigols website:


“…Each figurine is exquisitely crafted, with models available of nearly every favored football (the good kind, not the American) team in the world. You will be able to find your child’s favorite athlete…” – Victoria Heckstall, Mom Blogger


“Fun and different from all the other foosball tables out there. High quality graphics and figurines. Must have for any collector.” – Enrique Medrano



So who is this table for?


Not much of a real foosball table but it is a pretty neat toy.


The Minigols table is light and portable and the removable legs make it almost a heavy duty, highly interactive board game.


For a real foosball coffee table check these out.


Definitely only for very light play or for the kids only but it is a real gem if someone is into soccer collectibles.  


The men are so very detailed and the stadium stickers are well done.  They look better than a lot of action figures out there.


This would look awesome in the man cave as decorator compliment to that heavy duty foosball table or as a stand-alone piece.


If your kids are into soccer this would make a very nice gift!!  I love that you can several sets and switch them on and off.


I could also see this pulling in a ton of interest in that next basket raffle!!



So if you’re interested in grabbing one of these here are some links to Amazon.




Love to hear some more independent feedback if you happen to pick one up!!




Thanks to Minigols for the images of their products.

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