Another Outdoor Foosball Table from Kettler? Montecristo

Let’s meet the Kettler Montecristo Outdoor Foosball Table.

This table does not have a glass playing surface like the Cavalier but uses melamine (a fancy word for treated and sealed particle board in this case).  Shall we take a look?



Kettler has created another sleek outdoor foosball table.

Kettler Montecristo


The Montecristo Outdoor Foosball Table has a melamine playing surface.

The laminated cabinet has a real wood look, with a black frame and legs to trim it out.

It has sealed nylon bearings and rust resistant rods.

Kettler backs this table up with a 3-year warranty.


If you would like to jump ahead to Amazon click here to head for their latest price and any available discounts.


Otherwise, let the deconstruction begin!


What is Kettler all about?


Kettler was founded by Heinz Kettler in his hometown of Ense-Parsit, Germany back in 1949. According to Wikipedia his first shop was in a sawmill attic and he began by making high-quality patio furniture.

Through the Sixties and Seventies, they expanded into toys, bikes and the fitness industry.


If you have seen any of the kid-powered Cat loaders

you have seen some of their stuff.



Heinz passed away in 2005 but the company is still family run, by his daughter Dr. Karin Kettler. They presently employ about 2000 people.

The company continues to this day to make a large number of top quality outdoor patio products.

I think this skill has helped them design a durable outdoor foosball table.

One of Kettler’s most enduring and iconic pieces of furniture is the Tiffany resin chair. It has been in production for more than 30 years.

They back their foosball tables with a three-year warranty. I think that speaks volumes about the confidence they have in their production process.

They make two foosball tables, both outdoor models….the Montecristo which we’ll look at here and the Cavalier (my review is here if you’re interested).

The Montecristo table is made in Italy.

The Kettler US website proclaims:

“Throughout the world KETTLER is a leading brand in leisure furniture, fitness equipment, table tennis tables, bicycles, and children’s outdoor toys.”

“What do all these products have in common? Our products are designed to contribute to the well-being and fitness of our customers, young and old alike.”

They have been marketing and selling in States for over 30 years. Kettler USA maintains a retail showroom in Virginia Beach, VA showcasing all products.  They have been awarded quite a few times in recent years for their innovative products.

I can hear you thinking “yeah great what does that do for me?”

Well according to my research of the company, they care about creating and manufacturing excellent products and have the integrity to stand behind it. They want top-notch products that hold up over time and keep their brand name at the top of consumers wants.


Montecristo Features


The Montecristo is another attractive table from Kettler.  Sleek lines and a bright, sharp playing surface give a look that can’t be overlooked yet is subtle enough to fit in anywhere.


This cabinet resembles a gray weathered wood.



It has black end caps and trim, and the leg units are black as well.

They put a lot of faith in their table because they put a 3-year warranty behind it.

In contrast to their other table the Cavalier, the Montecristo has a Melamine surface.

What in the heck is that?

Basically, it is a high pressure, heavy laminate particle board much like Formica.

Whiteboards are often made of melamine.

This yields a playing surface that is more like a traditional indoor foosball table.  Fast and true the surface should last and give plenty of value.

Kettler likes the material because they also use it on their JOY OUTDOOR TT TABLE.

The composite material of the cabinet is sealed with laminates and weatherproof resins to help it withstand anything Mother Nature can deal out.  I think the close up of this photo gives a pretty good idea of how tight the cabinet is:

The bushings are enclosed nylon. They will be less resistant to the wear of being outside in the elements versus steel bearings. Since you put them together when assembling the table it is probably a good idea to give them a nice shot of silicone as you put them in.  Here is a link to a nice little squeeze bottle of silicone to show you what I mean.

They are smooth and perform well. They turn easily but don’t spin crazy easy either. This should help uninformed players from spinning too much!

It has hollow steel rods with a rust resistant chromium plating to give them extra strength and weatherproofing. The rods telescope and have springs on the ends to cushion the cabinet from any heavy blows. This conserves a little bit of space versus full-length ones and you shouldn’t have to worry about injuries to spectators.

The Montecristo has a European player configuration. There is only one player on the goalie line versus three as typically seen in the American configuration. It has well-made side and corner ramps to make sure the action on the sides of the table does not slow down.


.The handles are black composite to match the cabinet color. It may take a little time to adjust to them if you are accustomed to big meaty wood handles.


The players are molded directly to the rods. An excellent feature!! They needn’t be endlessly tightened after play. You won’t have to coax them on with a hammer and tons of silicone during assembly.

Their claim is they are unbreakable. I’m sure they are strong but that’s what the warranty is for right?

They are also counterbalanced. Meaning that they can be turned up and will stay there. Helpful if you are playing one on one and need a line of players out of your way for the moment.

The goal retrievers are behind the goal and slightly offset so retrieval is pretty straightforward and quick. There should be almost no balls to chase. And no worries about tubes along the bottom where a ball could become lodged.

The score counters are directly mounted in the end cabinets. Durable cubes on rods in colors to match the teams. Almost nothing sticking up to interfere with the lines of the cabinet or get smashed up. There are no numbers painted on them.

Kettler includes a cover. It has velcro fastenings and tie downs but it does fit a little loose. It will help keep the light elements off but not impervious or real heavy either. It is the same one that they provide for the Cavalier. So although it is nice to have a cover designed for the table is does fit just a bit loosely.

The leg units are matched black shaped steel so they will hold up over time and are very sturdy. Each leg comes with its own screw in and out leveler to adjust to the surface. Perfect for adjusting to any surface you have at home.

The table is a full-size foosball table that measures 58″ in Length x 46″ Wide x 35″ High so you will want an area that is about 7 feet long and 6 feet wide.

The Montecristo weighs 132 pounds. Enough to keep it very stable for play but not immovable either.

It also comes with 5 balls to get you started.

The Montecristo just got its first review at Amazon.

The weight and size of the table are identical though to the Cavalier so they are very similar tables.
The handles look a bit bigger than the Cavalier but it still may be worth it to look into handle wraps if you are used to the big wooden handles wraps from Warrior?

The cover is also not real tight or heavy so you may want to go the extra mile to protect your table.

If you are ready to go to Amazon to see the Kettler Montecristo and the latest price with any specials click here.

Assembly tips and notes


Kettler has a very straightforward and easy to follow pdf for assembly.  While not quite as handy as the assembly video but it’s not in German like some of the ones for their table tennis products. Assembly of this kind of product is always a bit time consuming but it appears to be straightforward. You will require a Phillips head screwdriver, hammer and 13 mm wrench for assembly.

Assembly of this kind of product is always a bit time consuming but it appears to be straightforward. You will require a Phillips head screwdriver, hammer and 13 mm wrench for assembly.

You will require a Phillips head screwdriver, hammer and 13 mm wrench for assembly.
Have either a 13mm socket or speed wrench available and a power screwdriver or gun. There are over 50 screws to put in. You can’t finish tighten them but it will save your hands and speed up assembly time dramatically!  Lots more like in this photo.

The field and cabinet are already assembled ….SWEET!… big time saver plus the cabinet should be sealed from rain.

The players are already on the rods too!  They are molded directly to them.  Saving you the hassle of driving them on individually and estimating the correct position.

The legs come as units and are steel I-Beam shaped. Couple bolts and they are on.

The bushings need to be assembled so as I said before as they are assembled it is a good idea to put some silicone in it.

When it comes time to put the handles on each rod they are marked so in case you start driving them on before marking (I know you’re smarter about stuff like that than me!) you know just how far they go.

The Montecristo comes with a three-year warranty. Nothing like being confident your stuff is good.

Points of difference versus the competition


Not sure that this competes with the Cavalier (my full review is here) if you have the time) since are from the same company but I think it is worth the words to compare them.

The Montecristo has a different surface than the Cav and I think it plays a little bit slower.  More like a traditional indoor foosball table but still faster than a nice indoor table like the Warrior.

The Montecristo is about a hundred bucks more expensive than the Cavalier.  The tables look very similar so it is probably just because the pieces are a little more pricey?  Or maybe because it is the new model?

The Montecristo has a very nice weathered look to it that will allow it to blend into your area very well. This Rene Pierre is great but the bright white might be a little loud in comparison?

Again I like the sleek look of the Montecristo to that of this Playcraft but that may just be my personal preference.

The design is sleeker than this Garlando G500 but somewhat similar to the G2000.

This table is great and should hold up for a long time. If it’s going in the man cave almost indefinitely and outside for a good long time especially if you take care of it.




The Kettler Montecristo Outdoor Foosball table is a nice product.  The investment is similar to what you would put into a Tornado Sport.

The main difference being it is made to be outside.  The Melamine surface should hold up and stay true for you.

Kettler has demonstrated for years that they are a quality with good products they are proud to stand behind.  

This thoughtfully engineered and manufactured product can hold a proud place on the deck or patio.


If you are ready to check it out at Amazon with any applicable discounts here is the link.

Here is the link if you would like to check out my list of some other Outdoor Foosball Tables.


Thank you to Kettler for the product images.

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