Kettler Cavalier Outdoor Foosball Table


Meet the Kettler Cavalier Outdoor Foosball Table.

With a glass playing surface, Kettler has conquered one of the main issues for a table to that needs hold up to the elements in the outdoors and in the process given us a new faster-playing area.



Kettler has created a unique outdoor foosball table.

The Cavalier Outdoor claims to be weatherproof.  It has a glass playing surface, sealed nylon bearings, and rust resistant telescoping rods. The 3-year warranty displays the confidence they have in their product.

Let’s take it apart and see what it’s all about.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for my full review with all the gory details and “valuable” insights click here to head to Amazon for their latest price and any available discounts.


Who is Kettler?

Kettler was founded by Heinz Kettler in his hometown of Ense-Parsit, Germany in 1949. According to Wikipedia his first shop was in an attic and he began by manufacturing high-quality patio furniture.

In 1962, they introduced the Kettcar that became an icon in the 4 wheel pedal toy industry. They still are a market leader in that market producing pedal toy cars and replicas of John Deere, Caterpillar, and other big industry names.  Here is one of their latest models.




They introduced table tennis and other toy product lines through the 70’s.

They are also a big name in the fitness industry with a wide range of products. Bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and treadmills among others.

Heinz passed away in 2005 but the company is still family owned. Today it is run by his daughter, Dr. Karin Kettler. They employ about 2000 people.

The company makes a large number of outdoor patio products.  The product knowledge used to make quality patio furniture should translate directly into about making products that can withstand the elements.


One of Kettler’s most enduring and iconic pieces of furniture is the Tiffany resin chair. It has been in production for 30 years. Now that is doing something right!  (If my wife sees this post she will say the heck with the foosball table I want this for the dock by the pond).






Most of these products come with a three-year warranty.  This speaks volumes about the confidence they have in their production process and products

Now to our point of focus!!  They make two foosball tables, both outdoor models….the Cavalier, which we’ll look at here and the new Monte Cristo model.


The Cavalier:

The Monte Cristo:

Both of their tables are made in Italy.

At the Kettler USA website they proudly proclaim:

“Throughout the world KETTLER is a leading brand in leisure furniture, fitness equipment, table tennis tables, bicycles, and children’s outdoor toys.”

“What do all these products have in common? Our products are designed to contribute to the well-being and fitness of our customers, young and old alike.”

They have been marketing and selling in States for over 30 years. Kettler USA maintains a retail showroom in Virginia Beach, VA.

Nice story, but what the heck good does that do me you say?

According to my research into the company, they genuinely care about making a high-quality product and have the integrity to stand behind it. The don’t just crank out tens of thousands of units from plants anywhere run by an engineer overseeing a sweatshop. Although they are worldwide they want top-notch products that hold up over time and keep their brand name at the top of the heap.

Closer inspection of the Cavalier features


Into the nitty gritty of the Cavalier Outdoor.

The Kettler Cavalier is a very attractive table. Sleek lines and a bright, sharp playing surface.


Kettler claims their table is completely weatherproof.

Obviously, they believe their claim because they put a 3-year warranty on their tables!  I think their extensive experience with high-quality patio furniture lends some excellent input into creating durable outdoor products.

The composite material of the cabinet is sealed with laminates and weatherproof resin to help it withstand anything Mother Nature can deal out. The glass playing surface is a really key part of the package. The most susceptible part of any outdoor surface is the largest flat part that is constantly exposed to the elements.

The glass field is so much more durable than the typically heavily sealed and treated wood field on other outdoor foosball tables.  Like the composite on this table.   The result is a surface that lasts much longer and also has another fun benefit. The glass playing field is much harder than the usual foosball table so the game becomes much faster!!

The glass playing field is much harder than the usual foosball table so the game becomes much faster!!

This type of playing field is a very true surface. No dead spots to slow the game down.

They also provide a cover for you to keep it dry and or out of the sun so it is ready for action when you need it.

It has enclosed nylon bushings to also resist the wear and tear of the outdoors. The turn nicely with little resistance but they don’t spin easily. Nice when you don’t want the kids tearing things by crazily spinning on it and you won’t even have to post the no spinning sign!

Nice when you don’t want the kids tearing things by crazily spinning on it and you won’t even have to post the no spinning sign!

The nylon bearings hold up much better than the typical steel bearings found on indoor tables….the inevitable bits of dust and moisture that penetrate only wear them minimally in comparison.

I would also recommend using a nice amount of silicone inside of the bearings as you assemble it for additional protection. Since you are already putting them together it should only be a quick squirt that will pay dividends down the road.

The Kettler has a European player configuration. By this I mean it has one goalie versus the three-man setup on the backline like on this Tornado.

Kettler one man goalie

The men are sleek and slender, more than on comparable American tables.  Here is the Playcraft Extera for an example.

Playcraft Extera

The side and corner ramps keep play moving well.

It has hollow steel rods with a rust resistant chromium plating for extra strength and weatherproofing. These light rods turn nicely, highlighting the quick glass field and pinpoint accuracy of the design of the players.



The handles are made of a composite material to match the cabinet color.

They are a little smooth and smallish….it might be a good idea to grab some handle wraps if you are used to big meaty wood handles.   Here is a link to some at Warrior if you are interested.

The players are molded directly to the rods. They needn’t be endlessly tightened during play.

You won’t have to coax them on with a hammer and tons of silicone during assembly. Their claim is they are unbreakable but I have a couple of rugby prop buddies that might try and dispute that but needless to say they are quite durable.

They are also counterbalanced. Meaning that they can be turned up and will stay there.

Very helpful if you are playing one on one and want a line of players out of your way for the moment or if you are practicing for that big tournament or just that snake shot so you can beat your mate.

The goal retrievers are behind the goal and slightly offset so ball retrieval is straightforward and quick. Only the most powerful goals that rattle around might pop out of the box. And no worries about any tubes along the bottom where a ball might become lodged.

The score counters are directly mounted in the end cabinets. Durable cubes on rods in colors that match the teams. There are no numbers printed or engraved on them. Kind of a classic old school look.

Again Kettler includes a cover. It has velcro fastenings and tie downs, but it does fit a little loose.  It might be helpful to strap it tight with a couple of bungee cords?  It will help keep the light elements off but it is not impervious or real heavy either. One reviewer at Amazon has theirs at the Ocean and says that it withstands even the salt pretty well but be sure to use the cover.


The leg units are shaped steel rather than composite board so they will hold up over time and are very sturdy. Each leg comes with its own screw in/out leveler to adjust to the surface.

Even though your contractor that built your deck was great, composite decking has imperfections, and you know as well as I do that Murphy’s law dictates one set of legs will wind up on a concrete seam or the edge of a piece of decking that is slightly higher than the rest.

The table is a full-size foosball table that measures 58″ Long by 46″ Wide by 35″ High so you will need at least an area that is 6 to 7 feet long and 5 to 6 feet wide for comfortable play. The telescoping rods are a nice feature to conserve a little bit of space and you shouldn’t have to worry about any little spectators taking one in the melon.

Here is the Kettler design showing the telescoping rods.








And here is a Playcraft showing full length rods. 






The Cavalier weighs in at 132 pounds.  This weight should keep it sturdy and stable but it can still be moved with just one helper.

It also comes with 5 balls to get you started. You may want to play with different kinds of balls to see what you like the best.  Foosballs vary in texture from different manufacturers and they can even come in cork for a softer feel. The glass surface will be a little different than your typical wood field so you may want to experiment with a softer type ball or possibly even cork or harder ones for even faster play.

The Kettler Cavalier received 4.1 stars in the reviews at Amazon.

It has several outstanding reviews and one poor one.

Handles possibly a bit small if you have large hands.

Generally good reviews but a couple complaints about the cover fitting loosely.  Might be worth it get a heavy tarp cover too….big investment to depend on an included product?
One reviewer stated that the chrome on the rods wore off and Kettler offered to replace the worn parts.

Overall Kettler has created the Cavalier foosball table like their other products. They have put a lot of thought and engineering into the details to create a durable foosball table for the outdoors.

It is not a cheap foosball table.  And if you decide to have it inside it has a unique look that will last and last.

Quality never is cheap though.

If you are ready to go back to Amazon to see the Kettler Cavalier and the latest price with any specials click here.

Notes on assembly


Assembly of this kind of product can be a bit tricky and tedious so it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into!!

The directions for the Kettler are pretty good and the pictures and instructions are well done.

Here is a link to their PDF for assembly if you want to give it a peek.

It is straightforward but somewhat time-consuming. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver, hammer and 13 mm wrench for assembly. You may want a rubber hammer or block of wood so you can be a bit gentle with any hammering you have to do.  I always think it helps to have a 13mm socket or speed wrench and a screw gun.

There are 54 screws to put in so even though you can’t finish tightening with your screw gun you will be a tired puppy with Popeye forearms without it!
The field and cabinet are already assembled…WOO WOO!  A huge time saver, plus the cabinet should be sealed from rain. Getting sealer in the cracks and crevices that wouldn’t be possible if you had to assemble it.

Players are already on the rods!! Nice and tight and you don’t have to use a ton of silicone to force them on.

The leg units are steel I-Beam shaped and already assembled for attachment.

As you assemble each bushing probably a good idea to put some silicone in it.

Amazon always links their tables with the silicone but here is a separate link to a bottle of silicone.

There is a mark on the rod for how far the handle is supposed to be driven on too!!…..I don’t know about you but I am famous for only realizing after I start putting something together that I didn’t mark how far the darn thing goes on!!

Here is the link to the 3-year limited warranty they offer.  It is on page 19 of the PDF.

Any drawbacks?


Not too many that I can find.

The Cavalier seems to be pretty tightly sealed against the elements and the construction appears to be durable.

The glass playing surface is attractive and innovative but it does play a little differently than a classic wood surface table.

I think it is a great product though for the outdoor option.

The handles may be just a touch small but the material is made to be outside again.

The cover might be a little light too but after putting so much into the product there is a bit of a trade-off.

A lot depends on where you live too? A rough Lake Effect snow winter up here in Buffalo is a lot different than winter in Vegas… is very different every place so you will have to take precautions to preserve your investment.



The Kettler Cavalier Outdoor Foosball table is a very attractive, playable and unique product.


It is a bit of an investment but the price range puts it below the Tornado Tournament tables.

The bright design should really accent any outdoor environment where you want to add a bit of gaming attraction. I could see this fitting in perfectly under a pergola a bit away from the pool.

You probably want to put this in a bit of shade for the players otherwise, they might get a tad sweaty in the hot weather?

It doesn’t require a ton of room so can be included just about anywhere either outside or even inside too.

You can spend a little more on an outdoor foosball table or certainly less….but you won’t be disappointed with this one!!


Check it out at Amazon now for the most up to date price and any available discounts!!


Head back to my list and rankings of other Outdoor Foosball Tables here.



Thanks to Kettler for the product images.

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