Check out the Garlando G-500. Outdoor foosball!!

So spring is FINALLY turning into summer and you want to take a bit of your man cave experience to the outdoors. You love your foosball table but don’t want to be inside?    

Or you’re setting up a new spot outdoors? Sweet new stamped concrete patio in the shade…new deck with a pergola that needs something really cool for you and the kids to do? Or to keep the kids busy while you hang out by the bar?

Foosball table!! But you aren’t going to lug the darn thing outside…just to bring it in a couple hours later, so what to do?

But you aren’t going to lug the darn thing outside…just to bring it in a couple hours later, so what to do?

How about an outdoor foosball table?


The Garlando G-500.


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This baby is created specifically to be left outdoors. The specs read like something you would see at a boat show! The cover is included as well.


It’s weatherproof….but what does that mean exactly for this model?


The playing field is a plastic laminate. The lines are silk screened, with an anti-fade ink (But make sure you use the cover!! UV rays beat everything up unbearably. You probably want a relatively shaded spot anyway?).
The cabinet is made from 1 1/4 inch marine grade laminated plywood. The screws, bolts, washers, and nuts are even coated with an anti-corrosion solution. They also use waterproof glue when attaching the playing field to the cabinet. The legs are metal and powder coated rather than typical paint to improve the durability. The stainless steel rods also have stainless steel bearings…no rust here.

I told you it sounds like they were building a boat!

OK so the G-500 is capable of being left outside.  Heck, Disney even added some to an outdoor deck on their cruise ship Magic.  (Slide 84)

How does it play?


The surface is nice and true for a mid-range foosball table. The corners are sloped and it has one man goalies for a pro feel. It’s made in Italy. The stainless bearings in the rods give them an easy turn for play. They telescope out and in so no worries about bashing other players or passerby.  And much safer when the kids spectate and if you let them play…Once the adults start playing they probably won’t give it up to the kids!!


The players are molded to the rods so no crazy hassles in getting them on at set up. The manufacturer says they are unbreakable…we’ll see…but they appear to be tough. There are nice ball returns on each end and the score keeping abacus rods seem pretty durable. The legs have levelers to help in getting the table matched to the surface, especially helpful if it is on a stamped concrete patio or similar surface like a deck.

This table is pretty sturdy and precise. It’s a nice foosball table for friendly and competitive play.

Here are some neat shots on a Garlando indoor table to give you an idea how it plays.

The players are not all counterbalanced just right so when you put them feet up they might rotate back down on you. This makes it a little more challenging for just two players but not too bad.


The G-500 comes in either a marine battleship blue or a granite cabinet color.  Although the granite looks to be out of stock right now.

But they now also have it in bright red!!

Here it is at Amazon with any specials.


The assembly is pretty straightforward but time-consuming, there are a quite a few pieces to put together. The instructions aren’t great but there are easy to follow youtube videos available to help. The pieces are machined very well and fit together nicely. It is weatherproof after all!

This unit weighs in at 165 pounds. Heavy but not immobile either.
It measures 56″x30″ so you should have about 4 and a half feet by 5 and a half feet area minimum in which to play.


So overall how does the Garlando G-500 rate?

It is a nice sturdy table. It is weather proofed well but it is wood. Mother Nature takes a toll on any wood and plastic left outside over time. It will hold up to outside conditions fairly well if it is taken care of. Anything outside needs some TLC to keep it up. Lube the rods, dust it and cover it when not in use… just like your nice patio furniture….take care of it and it will hold up.

It plays well. You and the family and friends can have a great time with this table for years.  Just think your deck will feel a little more like a resort.  It is a nice value for the money. Great family and relaxation table. There certainly are tables that you can spend more on for the “professional” feel but this is a nice table. You’ll be able to get a bunch of years of great playing with it outside. And if you want to use this table inside, it will hold up nearly forever. You’ll have to wear out the wood panels or bearings in the rods? And that will be a lot of foosball. Besides, when Uncle Jim spills a drink or little Johnnie dumps his soda on the field it won’t warp or wreck the wood.


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