Everything you need to know about the DMI American Legend Manchester Foosball Table


Looking to spend more than a couple hundred of dollars on a cheap foosball table but you aren’t ready to invest a ton of coin in a serious heavy duty table yet?

Let’s take a look at the DMI sports American Legend Manchester Foosball table.    



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It has on the surface a lot of nice features.

It’s a full-size foosball table at 55 inches long.  The playing field is ⅜ inch thick and the apron is 1-inch thick particle board.  The cabinet has a cherry laminate finish for a “stylish appearance.”



It has ⅝ inch solid rods with a chrome finish and ball bearings for smooth rotation.  The rods have big wooden octagonal handles for a nice secure grip.  The players are set up in the American tournament fashion with a three man goalie rod and flat corners.  

The men are robot shaped rather than resembling real human soccer players.  They are relatively counter balanced…..there may be a little slippage as the rods wear in a bit.

It has big 4.75-inch  leg levelers to even the playing field and minimize dead spots.

The legs are heavy-duty 5” square with a chrome-finished leg cross bar support.

Each end of the table has one fold out cup holder.  A nice feature you won’t find on a lot of professional tables.

The table has abacus-style scoring on top of the cabinet

The full assembled size is 28.75” W x 55.25” D x 35” H

The unit weighs in at about 135 pounds.  A pretty good weight for an inexpensive table.


The Good:

The DMI American Legend is a full size, relatively heavy table with nice thick support legs. One hundred thirty-five pounds is nothing to sneeze at in a table in the low to medium price range for foosball tables.  


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The weight will keep the table fairly stable for pretty heavy use.

It has a relatively thick playing field and cabinet.  They should hold up pretty well.  The rods may be a little light for a table of this weight but this will be up to spec for heavy home use.  The wood handles are nice, and the bearings turn well too.  The side ball returns are handy and you won’t spend too much time sending the kids chasing after stray balls.  

It should match most decor and looks pretty classy with a fairly deep wood finish, nice wood handles, and chrome accents.

It is a reasonable price for an attractive table.  This would be a nice starter table for the family that should hold up decently well over time.  Or be an excellent addition for entertaining and hosting.  The cup holders are a neat little feature.  No need for anyone to put a drink on the edge of the table although they could have included 4 for doubles?


The Bad:

This comes in a heavy package so laminate pieces can be damaged more easily during the long ship from the manufacturing point in China.  Big heavy packages get banged around a lot during shipping and this may result in some chipping in the laminate.  

Overall it only got a so-so rating at Amazon.  It has an even distribution of really great reviews and also a handful of poor reviews.  So some folks loved it and others hated it.

The DMI Manchester is designed to mimic the look and feel of the Tornado tables.  The men are of a similar design and shape and the field and cabinet are made to look like The Big T tables.  This table is no Tornado, though.  In order to get their price point down the materials are cheaper and of a lower grade.  

Does it match up to the Warrior maybe?  Not quite there either.

The price point is pretty low so don’t expect a perfect surface.  There will be some dead spots.  ⅜ of an inch thickness is ok for a playing field but it will have spots that require a little extra touch or shake of the table.

There is also just a bit of room outside of the rod cushions that allow ball passage on the outside and the ball to lay against the side of the cabinet.

So be sure to use hard foosballs rather than softer, more grippy ones to keep the ball moving for play.


So who’s it for?

This is what I would call a 2nd level table.   Better than a beginner cheap game table like this Sportcraft but still under higher level like the Carrom regular and then way under their Signature (see my review here) and pretty far below something like the Tornado or one of the European tables.

The DMI American Legend would make a decent table for the home.  A very nice way to get an attractive foosball table at a decent price into the man cave or rec room.

These big old particle board pieces can be damaged in shipping….160-pound packages don’t exactly move themselves and particle board can only take so much abuse, so don’t be looking for a perfect table when you only spend this kind of money.

Make sure you have plenty of room available for the full-length rods on this table.  The cup holders are a nice idea but why only two, not four?  And they stick out when in use so I am not sure how long before they might be snapped off by a passerby.  But if you are looking to put those drink holders to use, here are a couple of fun suggestions.

This is a lighter duty table but has some weight to it.

Make sure you like the 3 man goalie setup as there is no kit to change out to a one man like with the Carrom Signature and other European tables like this Garlando.


Who’s it not for?


More serious players.  Although it is made to look like a Tornado it is not.  The construction is lighter and the materials are just not nearly as good.

Assembly challenged people…..this table needs total assembly and from what I have read the directions are not great.  It will take some time to put this together.

This is also not the table for you if you prefer the one man goalie setup or if you like the players to resemble real soccer players like of the tables of Rene Pierre.


In the end


The DMI American Legend Manchester is a decent but not great foosball table

It is pretty sturdy but probably will not survive too much severe punishment for a long period.

It’s  Amazon overall rating is mediocre but there are some very good reviews as well as poor ones.

Still a lower end foosball table but the price appears to be fair for what you are getting.

The DMI is definitely an attractive table with some decent creature comforts that deserves a look, especially if you can’t afford to shell out serious dough for a high-end foosball table yet.

If you are convinced that this is the table for you, click here to check it out at Amazon with any specials.

If you would like to see the next level table above this one check out my review of this Warrior table.



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