Chicago Gaming Coffee Foosball Table

So your man cave is in need of a foosball table but you don’t have space for a full size one?  Or you have to share the space?   Or you want to play some foosball on the living room coffee table but don’t want a chintzy tabletop one?  Maybe you are simply looking for something different than a boring old coffee table?   


Check out the Chicago Gaming Coffee Foosball Table


They have two different models:


The Signature and the Pinnacle









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Foosball action right in your living room, or anywhere you have room for a coffee table.  These tables feature real wood construction.   


They have an enclosed playing field with a glass top.   Might be a little tricky if you tried to set a drink on it otherwise.


Real foosball action without taking all the space!    I don’t think so…Well maybe close to real foosball?  If you want real professional foosball you can read my review of the Warrior here or a Tornado here.



Both of these coffee tables are very nice looking pieces of furniture….not just for your man cave but a great conversation piece for the living room.


Excellent attention to detail with hand painted players.   The woodwork is of furniture grade quality with nicely finished surfaces and accents.  The parquet playing field reminds me of the old Boston Garden hardwood.  

They are functional furniture pieces.  The tops are solid and smooth.  The Pinnacle has a shelf underneath for storage.  The two different finishes allow you to match up to your existing living room set. Or they would look great in front of the man cave couch.

It made this list of the perfect housewarming gifts!!




So it looks nice, and matches my living room, but how does it really work?


There are only 3 lines of players so don’t look for the real deal there.   The ball returns are behind the goals and there are slots to put the ball back in play on both sides.  Both are capped with attractive brass.  The handles are solid hardwood matching the table.

The tabletop extends out over the rods to prevent someone from running into the handles and the rods are telescopic so they don’t stick out the far side.  The overhang of the table top over the rods hinders the normal forearm action of a full-size table.  Much more wrist action than typical foosball forearm skill is required for these guys.  

This can be a little tough for adults used to full table foosball but great for people that don’t typically play or possibly even to get little ones introduced to the game?  The legs do have levelers but there are still a few dead spots and the ball is difficult to move with the glass cover.


The table measures in at 47 5/8 inches long by 28 inches wide by 20 inches high.

It weighs in at 75 pounds.  A nice sturdy weight for a coffee table but not so much that it is crazy to move.

They come almost fully assembled.  The legs need to be attached and the scorekeeper rods put in place.  Just a few pieces to assemble and you are ready to go.


So overall what do we think of the Chicago Gaming coffee foosball tables?


They are pretty nice pieces of furniture.   Real quality furniture here, no cardboard garbage.  They are made with very nice materials and a lot of attention has been paid to completing all the little details on them.  Very different than the run of the mill living room coffee table.  They are fun and functional although not a full foosball table experience.  They are great conversation and accent pieces that would go with almost any style.  Much nicer foosball than a small game that sits on a table, and these tables are always ready to be played… extra setup required.   Heck, you can play a quick game during the commercials of that next football game!


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If you decided against a coffee foosball table and are looking to get a full-size table but not spend the big bucks for a pro table, check out my review of the DMI American Legend Foosball Table here.


And if you are really looking for a pro table without the pro price check my take on the Warrior.


And if you are thinking about checking out a foosball table for outside (yes…outside!).  Check out this outdoor foosball table.


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Elizabeth - December 8, 2016 Reply

These look like so much for my boys. They love playing foosball, but we don’t have one at home. I also like them as they seem to have a nice amout of storage space below. I can see putting a few baskets under there to store their toys. What kind of wood are both of these made of?

    David - December 11, 2016 Reply

    Thanks! The Signature looks like cherry and the playing field is oak and maple.

Sharon - December 11, 2016 Reply

I LIKE it! A nice looking piece of furniture (that’s me happy) with all the fun for the boys in my house. I appreciate that the ends of the handles are covered, that’s just a nice little safety feature. My husband’s been keen to get our boys into foosball, and this looks great.

Anthony Girasoli - March 19, 2017 Reply

Hi Do you ship to the UK ? And if so could you let me know shipping costs ? I love your foosball tables and would be an amazing addition to my barbershop in Glasgow Scotland! Regards Anthony

    David - March 20, 2017 Reply

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the comment….click the link through to Amazon to check shipping? If Amazon US won’t try Amazon UK? Let me know how it goes!! Cheers

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