The Carrom Signature Foosball Table, it even comes in Camo?

The Carrom Company makes several different foosball tables.  Here we will take a look at their Signature model.   


First, let’s take a quick look at the Carrom Company.  They are headquartered in Ludington, Michigan.  Their products are made in the USA.  They have been manufacturing game room games in one form or another for over one hundred years.


On to the Signature foosball table.


This a sharp looking table.  It has a wood grain cabinet and dark brown almost black corners and legs. It is available in three finishes.  Burr Oak, Agean Fresco, sort of an aqua green and Moroccan, a dark red wood grain.  

But wait, it now also comes in Realtree Xtra Camouflage!!!  Regular or snow.  


Here is the Burr Oak at Amazon and here is the Realtree at Amazon.


It has very angular corners and a sturdy look to it.  The legs are thick and square, made of miter-fold hollow vinyl and black.  They are equipped with chrome plated levelers.  There is a 2” chrome cross support for each end as well.   


The manufacturers’ say it is a premium grade foosball table.


What does that mean?  It has to match up with the beasts of the industry….the Tornado.

Or maybe even the Warrior table soccer?



Let’s check out the specs.


The cabinet is made from 1” thick particleboard, with a laminate covering to give the ordered color.  Nice, heavy and thick but not real wood.  It is pretty tough but can be damaged.

The playing surface is ⅜” thick with one reinforcement strip underneath.  A couple of more would have been nice.  The field is a green soccer pitch and has wear resistant screen printed lines.

The legs are big, heavy and square vinyl with nice big chrome plated levelers on the bottom.  You should be able to level this table pretty easily almost anywhere.  They attach to the inside of the cabinet with heavy hardware.  There are reinforcing chrome plated bars between the legs on each end.

The ball returns are directly behind and below the goalies.

Each corner of the table even has a cup holder.  Fill them up with one of these.  No more spilled drinks to mess up the table. The scorekeepers are wood beaded rods directly above the goalies.

Weighs in at 177 pounds and measures 55 x 50.3 x 36 inches.  


The table needs full assembly but there is a very good video from the manufacturer available. Check it out here.  It takes some time but is straightforward.  Somewhere in the range of 2-3 hours.


Overall this a pretty sturdy table.

How does it perform?


The rods for this table are full length.  They are hollow, made from chrome plated  steel.  The rods have nylon stay true bearings to self-lubricate and improve durability.   They move very easily…responsive and fast!  The hardwood handles have a nice grip to them.


There are two sets of men that come with the table.  A set of black and yellow men that are counterbalanced, so they stay rotated out of the way for two person play, and a set of hand painted soccer players.  The counterbalanced set also has cross-hatched grooves on the foot where they strike the ball for extra control.  This will help new players especially learn ball control skills and practice trick shots!  The table can be set up for either single goalie or three goalie set up.  The table includes corner ramps for use if one goalie play is selected.

The rods are light, spin well and make for really fast play.  The field is pretty true and the cabinet heavy and solid even if it is made with particle board.  Nice tight assembly yields a decent playing surface, there are a few dead spots that a seasoned professional will not be happy with, but for the recreational gamer not a problem.  Fast, fun and solid table.  The corner ramps are plastic but functional for the one man goal setup.

The overall star rating at Amazon is very good.  Check it out here with their most up to date specials.  So most of the reviewers liked the product, a lot.

There were several complaints of defects but it appears that the company did a decent job of getting unsatisfied customers replacement parts.


Overall the Carrom Signature is a nice table.

Is it a professional table though?  


Not quite, but that being said the “professional” tables can retail for double the price.  It is a solid recreational foosball table.
This table will give satisfactory foosball play for all but the top players at a very reasonable price tag.  You, your friends and family will get a ton of great foosball out of a Carrom Signature.  

Much better than a toy table but not quite a top tier tournament table either.  The variation in finishes give a lot of flexibility to match up with your man cave space.  

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a decent foosball table that is even made in the USA, and oh yeah the cup holders are pretty sweet too.  

And camo?  Now we are talking man cave material.





Thanks to Carrom for the images.

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Quinn - August 11, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the review of this foosball table. It looks like a great product. Does the manufacturer provide good customer service for set-up help and repairs or replacement of parts?

alex - August 11, 2016 Reply

It looks like an excellent foosball table for anywhere! Thank you so much for the info.

Maria - August 12, 2016 Reply

This foosball game table is great with the Camo design. That is pretty unique. It has been awhile since I played foosball. It gets the adrenal flowing with the fast pace. I like that Carrom Signature is US based.

Nick - August 13, 2016 Reply

I LOVE a good game of foosball here and there! This table looks alright, and i love your article and information. Just going to give a little feedback though and I hope you don’t mind. I would love to see some more images, maybe even a video of the table in action! just to get a better idea of how it looks close up, etc 🙂

Lauren - August 14, 2016 Reply

I love that it comes in so many styles. The camo would fit in perfectly with my in-law’s game room.

How many extra balls does it come with? We always tend to lose them quickly. Or the dogs get to them. 🙂

Marian - August 14, 2016 Reply

Thanks for the great review on these Foosball tables! Love the fact that the company has been around for so long and that the products are all high quality and made in the USA. Now, on to decide which one to purchase

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