5 Wall Pieces to add a little Awesomeness to your Man Cave

Looking for a couple of ideas to bring a little KA-POW to your space?

See what you think of these 5

I’m into sci-fi and grew up in the Eighties……probably obvious when you see this list!!



Check out these 5 Ideas:


1)  Gotta have Star Wars

And only the original will do to start.  Yes, you can add others later but old school is how you begin.  This is a set of three movie posters from Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.   They measure in at 24 x 36 each so you will need a good section of wall to display them properly.  Plexiglass material not glass in the frame so be sure you have an area that is well lit from above to minimize any glare.  The frames are thick, black wood so they stand out on the wall nicely.  Dark color wood frames so probably best to hang on a lighter colored wall to make sure they have some pop.

I love the classic look and feel of these posters.   One of the lures of pieces like this is that you feel compelled to take a closer look like you’re at an art museum.  They pull you in…..rather than just a quick glance you have to go check out the credits and the dates!   Way back when you couldn’t see all the movie trailers on Youtube.

And Leia still looks hot in the steel bikini!

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 2)  Middle Earth map

Again a classic feel.

This map of Middle Earth is canvas stretched over a wood frame.  I think the stretched canvas gives maps especially an extra artistic something.

The definition of this map is great also.  I repeat myself but it pulls you in.   Sort of like Alice going down the rabbit hole or getting lost in the Hobbit!  I feel like even though I have read the books and have seen the movies tons of times with my son.  I always seem to get pulled into the other room when he has them on!

The little details need to be inspected again.  You have to get closer to check it out!!!

How does the Shire fit into the story?  Where is this?  How far is Mordor?   And on and on.  An excellent conversation starter and it has such a comfortable feel to it.

The coloring of this map can go with light wall color but would also go really well with darker, dramatic colored walls.  Because there is no frame you shouldn’t have to worry about any light glare either.  And the canvas doesn’t show dust like a dark frame does either.   (very helpful in my case)

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3) The Rat Pack


Here is another iconic image.  Maybe this is THE cliche piece to hang over your pool table, foosball corner or bar, but I still love it!!

Cliche only because it is still great.

What were they talking about?  Love to have been a fly on the wall in a room with those guys right?

This image again just forces you to dive deeper and inspect the details.  Posed photo or not?  What were they thinking?  And drinking?  Why is there a drink ON the table?

It makes you want to see what the real scoop on these guys was.  Here’s what Wikipedia says about them.  They called themselves the Clan?  Never knew that.  Interesting stuff.

This one has a wide, black frame.  It measures 35″ x 25″ so it will take up a good bit of width.  Not real thick.  It has plexiglass to prevent breakage.  Be careful about glare as well with this one but not being as thick should help a little.  The print is a bit dark so it would probably look better on medium to light colored walls.

Iconic…. yes, cliche…. yes, maybe a little corny?  I bet they wouldn’t say so!


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4) The Masters

Looking for a piece that brightens thing up and adds a feeling of outdoors with a gorgeous landscape?  How about this view of the 12th at Augusta?

Just what your golf den needs.  It has bright colors with brilliant greens to lighten up any room.  The bright almost overexposed sky really makes this light itself.  This print can be a great discussion starter for the when to start planning the next golf outing or just to get sucked into the detail of the course.  It’s so bright.  As if the dew has just burned off, and the air is as crisp and clear as can be.  Makes you think about lining your shot up for the green (although for me I probably would be looking for a ball in the gully short).  You can almost hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the little brook tumbling by.  Looking at this print makes you want to get out and hit the links.

The black frame is a medium thickness so it accentuates the print.  Black, so it will show the dust in the light though.  The glass has UV coating so you shouldn’t have to worry about glare from the lights.

I like the 29″ x 22″ size for a nice wall print but you can also get it 17 x 11 or even 37 x 28 if you have a really wide spot.

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5) Clint

What would your man cave be without Clint Eastwood?

One of my favorite Eastwood movies was Heartbreak Ridge.  Sergeant Tom Highway was the man.  


This may not have been one of his most iconic movies ever but I loved it.  I thought it was one of those movies that started to ask a lot of questions about Vietnam and Korea but in a respectful conversational tone.  It certainly made me think.

I loved the character Highway.  Gritty, rough, tough, classic Eastwood for me.

This poster sums it up nicely.  There is no PC garbage here.  Rough around the edges with an unlit stogie.  The wrinkles and pinpricks of light in the eyes just pull you in.  This poster is just a print so you will have to do your own framing but I think a brown wood frame would do nicely here.  The white space with the title on the bottom will brighten it up.

Check out the Heartbreak Ridge poster on Amazon here.


One little bonus item that would be an awesome find for my man cave is this little guy:


No good man cave of mine doesn’t have rugby stuff plastered all over it.  Especially of the All Blacks.

And Dan Carter is one of the greatest fly-halfs (out half for some of you) to have played!!

Have you ever seen the Haka?  We got to see the Maori All Blacks play the US in Philadelphia a few years ago…..probably one of the better test matches the Eagles have ever played.

Great print here!!  Not really a little guy either….this print measures 11x 17.

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So there you have it.  Some of my picks for wall deco.  Tell me what you think.

And tell me what would be your choice?




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