5 Drinks for the perfect patio party of Summer

The patio is all ready for summer.

Bar is stocked!  But what to serve?   


Pool open.  

(Or in our case pond….pool or pond anything would be good)

You even invested in an outdoor foosball table to show off!!

Time for a party!


Looking for a couple drink ideas to liven things up?  



Nothing like a good old-fashioned Seven and Seven!  

I feel like this concoction hasn’t gotten its’ due lately so I will revisit it here.

Tiny soda bubbles jump out over the crushed ice.  It looks like there is a party going on in the glass.  The refreshing tingle on your tongue and a tickle from the seven up on your nose lets you know that the soda bottle is freshly opened.  The crack of the ice breaking signal how good it’s going to taste and how cool it will be.



1 oz Seagram’s Seven over tumbler glass full of fresh ice cubes followed by 4-6 oz Seven Up.

For a little smoother whiskey try Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky, a personal favorite!

40 1


Strawberry Daiquiri

Requires blender but nothing says summer drink to me like a good Strawberry Daiquiri.  When you make them on a hot day the blender gets all icy on the outside and the glasses sweat when you pour them in.  The fruity smell of the berries and the stickiness that gets on everything.  Used to hate making these when I actually worked at the bar but they are super fun when you make them for friends!

This is the old standby recipe with my classic blender but I can’t wait to give my new Nutri bullet a try this summer.  This is the way my cousin Maria taught us to make them way back at her wedding!!  My brother, cousins and I had a great time with these but Uncle Bill took exception…..too much fun I guess.  Is that really possible?



Fill the blender ⅔ with ice top it off not quite to the top with Strawberries.  


Fresher the better….up here in the hills of Western NY that means June unless you froze some!!!

Frozen berries make it even foamier.

Add sugar….maybe a ¼ cup….depends on how good your berries are and how the crowd you are serving likes it….audience participation required.

Splash each of lime juice and lemon juice….again audience input required…..more for tart, less for sweet.

Then add rum …roughly four shots for the first blender full…..then you can adjust to your guests again….but NEVER make the first batch too strong……total turn off!!….Bacardi is nice or you can go with Captain Morgan which has a really nice flavor and then you always have some on hand for Captain and Coke too!!

I love serving in a real glass…I know plastic is easy but it loses something for me.


Naked Skippers


Warning this sounds nasty but it tastes great.  This also has a couple different handles too…Pink Panty Droppers…among others.



Get a nice simple cheap light beer or even Ice beer….I am a Miller Lite guy but that is a rarity up here.  Keystone Light or Ice works fine.  Blue Light, Bud Light…..all good.

A simple bottle of 80 proof vodka and 3 cans of frozen Pink Lemonade concentrate.


Depending on how big your adventurous crowd is you can go big batch as follows:  BIG pitcher!!  Mix the 12 pack with the 3 cans of concentrate and 36 shots of Vodka (⅓-½  bottle-ish). Stir together and you have the best tasting, most alcoholic drink possible.

Small batch ratio: 12 shots and 4 beers per can of concentrate.

Be careful!!  You might be skipping around naked in a couple hours…..disclaimer:  that has never happened at our house 😉


The Shakey Jug


This is an old recipe from Uncle Bill….a different Uncle…..way more fun.



Empty a one-gallon plastic water jug or Hawaiian Punch jug.  They both shake very well.

Fill with ice…yes this is a pain….you can always delegate such a task to one of your rookies.

Add ¾ to 1 cup of sugar depending how sweet you want it.

Cut up and add one lime and one lemon.

Fill not quite to the top with vodka.  Don’t waste good stuff, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Now the challenging part.  It needs to be shaken for an hour.  Inevitably your peeps will want to crack it open for a sip.  Do your best not to allow it!!  There should be a crust of ice on the outside when it is ready.  Pass it around and enjoy!!  Darned if it doesn’t taste like lemonade…..watch out we have had parties where certain guests have hogged it to themselves!  Subsequent batches won’t be shaken as long….patience has worn thin by then.

Again be careful with this one….hijinks can follow!!


Pillsy’s Famous Manhattans


Another classic that could use some new love.

My buddy Pillsy and his father make a mean Manhattan.

Their secret is extra cherry juice.

I prefer to make these with 40 Creek Barrel Select again or Markers Mark (and then you have Makers to add to your ginger ale!!).



Fill your tumbler glass with ice.  Add a healthy dash of sweet vermouth and an even healthier splash of Maraschino cherry juice.  Then two cherries.  Put the strainer over your glass.  Shake vigorously, let it settle into the shaker and then pour for rocks or strain for up.  Garnish with a lemon peel and another cherry.  Yup love the cherry juice!  If you want to add some extra health benefits, you can try tart cherry juice too!


There you go…a couple things to try or classics to revisit for next time you have a gathering.  Whether it is on the patio or in the man cave.  Breaking in a new entertainment piece or just trying out that new ice maker…..or even just celebrating every second of summer.  Go grab a couple of bottles, some fruit, and smile, laugh and enjoy summer!

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[…] corner of the table even has a cup holder.  Fill them up with one of these.  No more spilled drinks to mess up the table. The scorekeepers are wood beaded rods directly […]

Robin - June 10, 2016 Reply

Sounds delicious and I’m thirsty!

Tim - August 9, 2016 Reply

These are some great mixtures that will get the party going for sure!! This whole article is “Refreshing”.

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